Jag känner en bott, hon heter sommarhit

A new Swedish hit is what we could called ‘a geek song’. The lyrics of ‘Boten Anna’ of Basshunter deal with a chatter who meet a bot on IRC. The story is very funny, and the music very cool – indeed, it is very good if you like eurodance 🙂 The videoclip of the song is funny too, but the two guys in it are looking more than clubbers than computer geeks. Even if you like neither IRC nor dance music, you should watch the video clip just for the kitschy dance demonstration on a pedalo ! Note that ‘Boten Anna’ is not the first song about IRC, another one was a big hit on the French Internet in 2003 : Tessa Martin’s ‘Terriblement Efficace’ . A second note, the lyrics of Basshunter are in Swedish, this is good that everybody is not contaminated by the English language supremacy in music!

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