DADVSI, a new threat to our freedom

Probably you have heard about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), in USA. In European Union is a DMCA-like directive called EUCD (the French version is called DADVSI), on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society.

Only Czech Republic, France and Spain have not implemented this Directive to date, but the French government wants now to implement it fast in the 22-23 December night. I tell you about this bill here because you can help EU citizens, and because this kind of bill will probably comes to your country one day.

Why do we fight the DADVSI bill ? An answer is on the site : « Creating your own compilations from a CD, extracting your favourite piece of music to listen to it on your computer, transfering it on a MP3 player, lending a CD to a friend, reading a DVD with free software or duplicating it to be able to enjoy it at home and in your country house : many common practices, perfectly legal, which the French government plans to forbid in fact. The copyright and neighbouring rights in the information society bill (DADVSI) (n°1206) which the French government will try to force through in the coming weeks by using an emergency procedure, actually legitimates the technical devices installed by CD and DVD editors and producers to control their use. And above all, the bill plans criminal penalty against people who would dare to remove those. »

There is a petition, some big groups signed it, such as Mandriva or Sun Microsystem. Perhaps your organizations could sign it too, and all of you who want to fight against this kind of restrictions against citizen’s freedom, free software and free art. The petition is there (at the top it is for individuals, at the bottom for organisations).

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