Madonna frozen out

On November 18, the Belgian court of Mons found the singer Madonna guilty of plagiarising some of the contents of her single Frozen. The song, which is taken from her 1998 album Ray Of Light, has been withdrawn from all record shops in Belgium, as has the album itself. She was sued by Salvatore Acquaviva, who claimed Frozen contained four bars of his own song Ma vie fout l’camp. According to Acquaviva, Madonna first came in contact with his song back in the 70’s when she was working as a backing singer for Patrick Hernandez in Belgium.

First of all, Madonna says that she has no knowledge of the Acquaviva song. It is probably true, because nobody knows Ma vie fout l’camp, Acquaviva is a totally unknown singer, even in Belgium! Secundo, Madonna did not composed the bars of music under question herself, they were written for her in 1996 by Patrick Leonard. But the thing incredible, is the four bars. I listened to the two songs. The intro is just a little bit similar, it is not the same music nor the same speed, lyrics are different. It is most probably just a coincidence and Acquaviva wants cash.

How many songs in the world have one second in common? How many songs in the world have four bars in common? If I am a singer and I find a good melody for a song, should I verify that all singers (famous one, but also those who are playing in the subway and those who are singing under the shower) all around the world, in Peru, in Estonia, in Japan, have never sing a part of this melody before? I am sure that every four bars have already played somewhere.

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  1. I think that legally you have the right to have 3 bars similar to any other song. I know that this is still quite silly, as there are so many songs that really, at some point, everyone must have similar patterns.
    This is not the first case for such a lawsuit, and it is, as you pointed out, mainly for cash.

    but well, how would you like to protect artists from plagiarism?

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