Michael Jackson found not guilty

Michael Jackson leaves the Santa Barbara County Courthouse after being found not guilty on all ten counts of child molestation in Santa Maria, California June 13, 2005.

The only thing I could say, is that Mr. Jackson was the ideal victim for rumors or accusations of pedophily.

First, he says at the TV and in the news that he likes sleeping with children. In fact, Michael Jackson is known as being fond of children, and, apart from having his own, he has had friendships with a number of other children, ranging from disadvantaged children to child celebrities – including the actor Macaulay Culkin. He has invited many groups of children to his big ranch and has sponsored a variety of charitable activities. His Neverland Ranch (California, USA), named after the magical kingdom Neverland featured in the children’s story Peter Pan, is a real little amusement park for children. His passion for children could perhaps be explained by the lack of « child’s life » that he had himself. Born in 1958, he was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, who signed their first recording contract with the local Steeltown label in 1967. Mr. Jackson doesn’t count for his love for children, so that he made some eccentric things, for example he helped develop a Sega video game ‘Michael Jackson in Moonwalker’ in 1990 where the player controlled the ‘king of pop’ in an effort to save the world’s children from an evil criminal mastermind. He denies having had sex with any of the children who slept in the same bed as him, but the fact of sleeping with children seems inevitably suspicious.

A second point is his eccentric lifestyle, who can disturb a lot of conservative people in the USA. His curious appearance, his physical operations, his strange skin, his angelic voice makes him very suspect. Perhaps there is a little bit hate against his eccentricity too.

Anyway, his passion of children, his eccentricity and his legendary fortune, makes him a very good subject for a trial. I don’t know the truth, but, for the Courth, he’s not guilty. I’m satisfied about this decision, cause the trial wasn’t equal. The prosecutor was partial – he was very aggressive against Jackson in his interviews – and the accusers had ‘strange’ arguments (false?). If he’s not guilty, all those rumors, accusations and the four-month trial have probably strongly hurted the artist. Could he continue his career?

PS: for francophiles, a wordplay : ‘Michael Jackson a été blanchi’ (blanchi means both cleared and whitened).

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