Viva China

We can find numerous talks in the news about the import of Chinese textiles: the USA and the European Union want to apply limitations to these imports. They seem seem to have just discovered that clothes made in China could be found everywhere. Though it is problematic for the Western industry, I tend to disagree the way tough it is presented in the news.

To begin with, since I was born, almost all sneakers shoes, sweat-shirts and shirts I wear have been made in Asia. Strange, then, to make such a fuss over it only from now on. A lot of people are complaining in Europe and America, but they seem not to think about the millions of Chinese people who are then able to find a job, and a better standard of living because of this. So then, what’s the problem? Racism? Jealousy? Could be. I see that rich Western countries are afraid of the arousal of new countries. They’re afraid to have to share their money. They have to remember that they have abused of these countries during the last centuries to become very rich.

I don’t have the right solution, both to protect the textile industry of western countries and to allow China to better its economy. But, don’t be afraid and don’t think : ‘Chinese people want to steal my money’. Please, be humble and not too aggressive towards Chinese people, who just want a better life for them and their children.

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