First post

If it is the first time that you come on this blog, you must read it.

Yes, I have a blog. Even if I know since a very long time what is a weblog, I never had the need to create one. But, sometimes I’m fed up with something. Sometimes, I want to share my viewpoint. Sometimes, I have something to say. Sometimes, I need a blog 🙂

In this blog, you will find quite nothing about me. I won’t tell you my life. But my shouting sessions will be certainly here. I will give my opinion on politics, religions, computer science, and probably other subjects.

All things written here are not involving in any way the organizations or movements where I take, took or will take part. The content of the posts may be offensive to some viewers, if you are very sensitive, don’t read them!

We can debate. If you disagree with me, don’t hesitate to give your opinion!

Have a nice reading 😉

PS : The same post in French.

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